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Community art: drawing over the cracks

March 15, 2012
Author: Grainne McCloskey

Walking home last night, it struck me that the thing I find most dispiriting about where we live is all the grey concrete and tarmac.

 This evening the children solved that problem for me. A neighbouring child called round, and had to almost drag my children out by the hair, so goggled-eyed and lethargic were they from too much screen time.

 They headed out with a box of chalks and began an impromptu street art competition. More flocked to join them. Soon there were seven kids, aged between 2 and 9, pouring their creative souls onto the vast blank canvas of the pavement – bringing brightness, exuberance, colour and life to the paths we daily tread.



Last year when dreaming up our Big Lunch, I wanted to suggest painting a mural on the grey wall at the end of our estate. It being our first Big Lunch in the community, and organising it single-handedly, I didn’t want to put noses out of joint, or foist my mad creative projects on unwilling victims.


I love community art projects. A few years back I co-chaired a local arts festival. One of our most popular events was the family sand-sculpting competition on the beach.


This year I have a feeling there will be another pavement art competition for the Big Lunch, and perhaps a mural too – even if it’s just in chalks.


What artistic plans have you for your Big Lunch or Big Jubilee Lunch? 

Written by  Big Lunch Champion Lucy Pearce
Free spirited freelance writer and contributing editor, JUNO magazine.


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One response to Community art: drawing over the cracks

  1. Cougar says:

    Thank you so much for designing this for the jibluee, I have stitched this on an artists small canvas and it will be displayed in the town church for our celebrations, and then kept in the local museum.

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