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How to make bunting

November 8, 2012
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No street party would be complete without some colourful bunting, and what better way to decorate your Big Lunch than making it yourself?

Bunting can be made from absolutely anything; from scraps of fabric or old clothing to empty cereal boxes and even plastic bags!


Step 1

Make a template (we cut up an envelope), pin it to your material and cut around it. Repeat until you have enough flags.


Step 2

Evenly space the flags along a length of bias binding tape, string or even old shoelaces – fold an edge over and pin in place.


Step 3

Sew the flags on with a straight stitch, leave at least 40cm of tape free from flags at each end for hanging.

Sewing tip: Avoid sewing by using double-sided hemming tape as an alternative to a needle and thread!

Creativity tip: Cut out your triangles from double-sided fabrics, mixing and matching as much as possible for an original twist!

Top Tip: To prevent fabric from fraying, try using pinking shears.

Fact: Thomas Eaton CP school in Cambridgeshire, won The Big Lunch Bunting Challenge in 2012, producing  a staggering 457.2 metres of bunting!

Info: Bias tape or binding is a narrow strip of fabric handy for finishing off rough edges of fabric. Find it in your nearest sewing shop or large supermarket.


How to videos

Watch Camilla from The Big Lunch make bunting with Xanthe Clay and  find out how you can make bunting using old plastic bags.


Make it and Mend it also have some fantastic ideas for creating your own decorations, including a step by step guide to making Salt Dough Bunting, which you can create in any shape or size you want, perfect for getting your whole street involved by each having one to decorate!

Reuseful UK is a charity with a network of shops across the UK specialising in getting crafty in your community with recycled materials. More information can be found on their website.


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