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Make a Paper Crown

December 21, 2012
Author: Emily Watts

Origami Crown

This is a fairly easy introduction to the Japanese art of paper folding, or origami, that you can get the kids involved in. At this time of year, it’s particularly useful if you’ve forgone the Christmas crackers, made your own, or if you simply fancy sitting about looking like the Wise Men over the festive period

BIG Scotland's

Kindly modelled by Mhairi, BIG Scotland’s resident Elf.

 Step One: Take a square piece of paper – the brighter the better! (You’ll need to make  5 x 6inch squares and 7/8 x 5 inch squares altogether)


Step 2


Step Two: Fold in half horizontally and vertically (ignore the diagonal fold – I was making squares)






Step 3


Step Three: Fold down the two top corners to the centre line.






Step 4


Step Four: Fold the bottom edge up to the centre line.






Step 5


Step Five: Fold the bottom edge up again… Fold in half. This is one of your crown units.






Step 6 – the pocket


Step Six: With two units  in front of you, find the ‘pocket’ on the right hand side of one, and thread the left hand side of the other unit in.






Step 6 – the ‘thread’


You might need to fold it slightly to get it to fit, but persevere! Keep going until you have a full crown.

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