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Origami flower lights idea

January 7, 2013
Author: Emily Watts

If you love sparkly Christmas lights, but want a way to keep them fresh throughout the year – or if you’re looking for a quick crafty present for a January birthday – look no further!


Why not add flowers to fairy lights? If you have a favourite craft or origami paper, you can make it up into some of these lovely flowers.

You can use loads of different origami flowers for this – just as long as you can easily make a hole to thread your fairly lights through. I’d recommend a fairly sturdy paper, to hold the folds.

I owe the idea to the crafty pinners over at  Pinterest, but this is my own addition to the garden.

(If you’re new to origami – why not try my ‘paper crowns’ blog here as a way of learning the folds?)



You can see here what I did with these Lilies. I cut a small snip off the bottom, opened the flower up a bit and threaded the flowers on. To keep them secure you squeeze all of the folds back again and as long as they’re not subject to rough treatment – they’ll stay put.

Incidentally, I was so pleased with how they turned out that they became part of a Secret Santa gift. (We always tell in the end!)

Don’t worry about the flowers burning – the heat of your fairy lights is not enough to reach the burning point of paper – but please do not leave them on when you’re out of the room. If you’d like to make doubly sure you can get fire-retardant spray designed  for fabric.
Happy folding!



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  1. LYNS says:

    Dam, I was hoping I could buy these for my mum’s 60th birthday party. You should go into business. I would be your 1st customer, providing price was right. Love’em x

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