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5 Ways to keep community spirit alive after your Big Lunch

July 15, 2014
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Over a month has passed now since the big day, but there are plenty of ways to keep the community spirit alive after your Big Lunch. From starting a street association, to simply sharing your story; check out these 5 things to do after your Big Lunch. 


1. Keep the conversation flowing 

Lots of you tell us that the spirit of The Big Lunch continues well after the day has passed and it’s often a conversation starter to reminisce about how the day went. Continuing that Big Lunch spirit  is easy, when you keep those conversations flowing. From popping around for a cup of tea, or simply saying hello as you pass on the street; small talk can really make all the difference!



2. Join Big Lunch Extras

Have you got a taste for creating a community buzz and would you  like to get ideas, skills and inspiration to do more? Building on the success of The Big Lunch, Big Lunch Extras is a programme to help individuals across the UK to create positive change within their communities. Providing participants with inspirational events, free web resources and online community chat area; Big Lunch extras kick-starts with a weekend long boot camp at Eden Project in Cornwall!

Big Lunch Extra


3. Go Grassroots  

Starting up your own Street Association is a great way to get together with your neighbours – from once a week to once to a month – to help shape your community and create lasting relationships locally. Street Associations offer free starter packs to get your group off the ground; as well as giving advice and tips for anything from collaborating on local issues, to planning your next knees up!

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4. Help inspire others

You don’t have to be involved in a group to help keep community spirit alive. Simply sharing your story with us can help to inspire others to take the plunge and organise their own Big Lunch! You may not think your lunch was particularly quirky or different but for every type of lunch there is someone who will see that lunches happen in places just like where they live. Send a few paragraphs (or a whole essay if you like!) to

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5. Plan your next Big Lunch!

There’s nothing like planning your next Big Lunch to keep community spirit alive! We are already hearing of summer, and even Christmas, Big Lunches being planned across the UK, so why not get planning for your next community event? We are also working on our packs for next year ready for the New Year; Big Lunch 2015 is just around the corner!



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3 responses to 5 Ways to keep community spirit alive after your Big Lunch

  1. Sara Nathan says:

    What about organising regular Playing Out sessions – dead easy compared to a major street party – but all the same skills and permissions. Weekly or monthly road closure so kids can play on the road without fear and their parents can meet for tea and a chat. In our street, sprang directly from the Big Lunch and has run for a year now…

  2. Trudi Holden says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Sara, that’s a great idea! How simple is it to close the road regularly? Does anyone else do this where they live?

  3. Rachcl Helsby says:

    We play out regularly too. And playing out was easier because of the big lunch. Check out You need permission to stop through traffic from your council, but there are simple things you can do without this. All on their website.

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