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Community art: drawing over the cracks

March 15, 2012
Author: Grainne McCloskey

Walking home last night, it struck me that the thing I find most dispiriting about where we live is all the grey concrete and tarmac.  This evening the children solved that problem for me. A neighbouring child called round, and had to almost drag my children out by the hair, so goggled-eyed and lethargic were [...]

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Harvesting Community Friendship

September 11, 2011
Author: Grainne McCloskey

Big Lunch Guest Blogger, Lucy Pearce shares her thoughts on how Harvesting traditionally bound communities closer together. This weekend is harvest moon: the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. The time of reaping and celebration of the year’s harvest. Where communities would traditionally come together. Sharing the work, sharing the rewards. Feasting together. Companions, literally people [...]

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